martedì 17 luglio 2012

Knight Models-no Star wars….

Mi e giunta purtroppo la pessima notizia che la ditta spagnola non produrrà più la linea Star wars…non so il motivo si dice che la Knight Models non abbia più prolungato il contrato con omonima serie se qualcuno sa di più lo  me faccia sapere per piacere.

Sulla pagina di Facebook (Knight Models):

There have been several questions lately regarding the future of the our Star Wars line . After a lengthy evaluation, Knight Models has decided not to renew the Star Wars license with Lucasfilm. We’ve had a long and fantastic run, but with the economic downturn, we have made the tough decision to discontinue our Star Wars lines and extend the licenses we work with new products as the LOTR , DC... , BATMAN films, MARVEL and more .

The license has officially ends ,while I know the news is disappointing, we wanted to make this announcement as soon as possible and thank you for being such great fans. It’s been a fantastic ride with the Star Wars community and working with Lucasfilm and you never know when we may circle back again!.

Knightmodels Team

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