mercoledì 12 settembre 2012

Warhammer Forge: Magmadrache

Nella Azienda Inglese della Forge wold non si finisce mai a creare Grandi….Grandi Mostri…oggi e la volta del Magma-Drago.
“Primordial and vicious examples of their kind, Magma Dragons are malignant and reclusive; squat and heavily-armoured monsters whose bodies radiate foul heat. They dwell in the volcanic ranges of the Dark Lands and in the smouldering peaks of the Blackspine Mountains, having long become one with their flaming environment.
Their favoured prey is great beasts such as Manticore or Chimera, but fortunately for the Old World the Magma Dragons only venture forth to slay and destroy when the great storms of magic rage or when they arrogantly wish to avenge some perceived slight.”

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