mercoledì 5 febbraio 2014

Karaikal Painting Studio-Tutorial

Ho Trovato su Facebook questo utilissimo Tutorial…dipingere un volto di un orco partendo dal colore magenta …

Inoltre consiglio vivamente di guardare questo sito che he pieno di ottimi tutorial

“Step 1: First I airbrushed the model with Warlock Purple (Citadel). Yes, Warlock Purple...
Step 2: On top of the purple primer I airbrushed a thin layer of Burnt Cadmium Red (Vallejo) + Catachan Green (C) + Dark Blue Sea (V). To mark the shades.
Step 3: To define the base color I airbrushed again with Catachan Green (C).
Step 4 (The most complex Step):
4a. To mark the highlights I applied (with the airbrush) a thin layer of Zamesi Desert (C) + Catachan Green (C), and afterwards I added a bit of Light Flesh (V) to the mix.
4b. Still with the airbrush I applied two kind of midtones: one with Snakebite Leather (C) to bring color and life to the face, and another one with Red Gore (C) in the lips, nose and around the eyes to define such areas. In both cases the paint was extremely diluted to deliver a glazing effect.
Step 5: Here I started with the brush strokes (finally) defining some areas with the same colors mentioned above, and accentuating the contrast between shades and highlights
Step 6: Final touches adding some gloss and satin varnish and painting the teeth.”

“Eyes in 4 simple steps (or 5).
Step 1: Mark the iris with a dark brown
Step 2: Start drawing the iris details (some highlights)
Step 3: small reflection in the iris and highlight the white part of the eye
Step 4: Add some red and magenta ink to achieve that "irritating look"
Step 5: Gloss varnish will be done once the skin is finished”

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